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FBI Memo: Ed Tech Systems and K-12 Students Increasingly Vulnerable to Cyber Threats

Due to the rapid adoption of education technologies by K-12 schools, students have become increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats, according to a public service announcement issued by the FBI on September 13.

The FBI memo outlines numerous steps parents and families can take to better protect the personal information of K-12 students. The FBI memo does not, however, provide specific guidance to school districts and administrators on how they, too, can work proactively to address potential data breaches.

To provide further guidance to school districts, we recently issued a client advisory with several privacy and information security recommendations, from developing incident response plans to informing staff of the privacy laws relate to information compiled by Ed Tech systems.

This client advisory is now publicly available and can be accessed here: FBI Warns of Cyber Threats to K-12 Students and Unsecured Ed Tech Systems. For more information, contact Melissa Kern, Jane Hils Shea, Elizabeth Reburn, or any member of Frost Brown Todd’s Data Privacy and Information Security Team.

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